Bismarckia Palm Trees - $1,400 (Hobe Sound)

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Field grown Silver Bismarckia Nobilis Palm trees. Bismark

from $1,400 to $3,500 all trees are priced individually.

Field grown 15 feet to 35 feet overall height
Large caliper trunks
Root pruned
treated for weevils
We will dig, wrap the root ball, tie the fronds and load on you truck or trailer

15 gallon and 25 gallon pots also available starting at $140

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NO Texts please!

Also available

Hundreds of Coconut Palm trees, Cocos Nucifera in pots

7 gal. pots $35 to $50

15 gal. pots $75 to $125

25 gal. pots $125 to $200

45 gal. pots $275

65 gal. pots $375

Quantity discounts for more than 50 potted trees

Hours Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / (Most Saturdays call first) 10 to 5 Other days by appointment

New Crop of field grown Coconut Palms,
Cocos Nucifera 10 to 24 feet overall height 3 to 6 feet of Gray wood starting at $450 to $950

We have very nice mature field grown Coconut trees, Cocos Nucifera, 8 ft. to 20 ft. of gray wood. We have trees that are straight, curved, double curves. Priced per tree. We will dig, wrap the root ball, tie the fronds and load on your truck. All trees have been treated for white fly and weevils.

We also have Roebelenii / Pigmy date palms, Phoenix Roebelenii, Bismarckia / Bismark Palms, Silver Bismarckia, European fan Palm, Chamaerops Humills, Sylvester Palms, Phoenix Sylvesteris, Maypan, Golden Malayan, Jamaican tall, Green Malayan, Tropical Almond, Terminalia Catappa, Beccariophoenix Alfredii, Frozen Coconut, wild almond tree, terminalia arjuna (hard shell with sail)

Hours Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / 10 to 5 (Most Saturdays call first) Other days by appointment

All Bismarckias have been treated for weevils

All Sylvesters have been treated for lethal bronzing and weevils QQQ7-2023

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