Who Loves To Paint?? "I DO!!" Retired Painter (Jensen Beach, Treasure Coast)

Retired House Painter looking for projects to stay busy.
Feel free to call me even if all you need is some advice or information about painting.
I started painting in the Navy 30 years ago and have been painting ever since. I like to do quality work.
I have all the tools and equipment necessary to do almost any job.
Call, Text, or email me for more information.
A phone call or email cost's you nothing and might save you money.
Andrew 772-408-6521.

I get a lot of calls about driveways with paint peeling. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix peeling driveways. The peeling paint has to be completely removed, Sometimes a pressure washer with a rotary tip will work, but the best way to is to sandblast the driveway and start over.

There are ways the homeowner can make an interior paint job cheaper. Most prep work can be done by the homeowner like removing the switch and outlet plates, moving furniture, cleaning walls and trim and vacuuming if necessary. Preparation before painting can take half the time on a paint job. Homeowners can save a lot if they do some of the prep work themselves.

If you ask me if the ceiling needs painting I will always say yes.

Peeling paint on trim or doors is never a good thing and is usually because they were painted with an oil base paint at some point and then were painted over with a latex paint. Remove all the peeling paint and repaint or prime and paint.

My advice is to remove the base install the new flooring and reinstall the base over the new flooring.

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